Earth Day Weekend 2016

Gathering a few Earth Day 2016 related events in or near Eugene/Springfield, Oregon

Friday, April 22

Helios Resource Network Party & Potluck — 6–9pm
454 Willamettes Street, upstairs at Growers Market

Saturday, April 23

Earth Day Kidical Mass bike ride — Starts at 10am at Skinner Butte Park

BRING Party and Sale for Earth Day, and Birthday! — 11am–4pm at BRING

Thin Green Line — Noon–9pm
Corvallis event bringing together "activists, artists, writers, scientists, policy makers and engaged citizens from all over the Pacific Northwest to learn and strategize about resisting fossil fuel development."
Registration required:

Sing for the Climate! — 1:50pm at Saturday Market

Sunday, April 24

Science Factory Earth Day Open House — 10am-4pm
Free Exhibit Hall and Exploration Dome admission for everyone.
Water science — new mini exhibition on clean water, test your H2O knowledge, make an edible aquifer, and discover pond life. Plus, see what one local inventor is making to help you save water when you shower!

(Corvallis) Civil Disobedience Workshop — for May 13-15 Break Free from Fossil Fuels PNW action "in Anacortes, Washington, where Shell and Tesoro refineries together are the largest source of carbon pollution in the Northwest, and refine 47% of all the gas and diesel consumed in the region" :

Feel free to add more events:





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