Wagn is the excellently intertwingly software running this site. I've on and off been working on it with Ethan F McCutchen, Gerry Gleason, and Lewis Hoffman for over six years, because it scratches a lot of itches I have for certain kinds of capabilities that other software does not offer.







import - interpret lists in a field as items in a Pointer


Interesting but not urgent


Show a different thing in a card — and/or a different order in Pointers/Searches — based on day of week (eg for GTD) - doable via Ruby, as is random, for a demo of which close and open this:)


cardlist = view (array) not supported for quote+*type cardlist[rand(cardlist.length - 1)]


Ruby cards are being deprecated. Something like "sort":"random()" in WQL should do this.




Two-way sync with a Wagn on my laptop - downloading all pages as text files would be ok for starters - .txt is done (what's it look like for formatted cards?), just need a bulk mechanism

See http://www.wagn.org/wagn/Syncing_Wagn_Cards and http://wagn.org/wagn/Backup





test.txt - can do hrefs by hand


If a page is public in a personal wiki, the background color behind the text could be noticeably different, or some other means to http://wagn.org/wagn/make_permissions_visible_in_View_tab


http://www.wagn.org/wagn/organizing - drag & drop Pointer order, etc.


Some way to bulk change permissions (e.g., set all cards specified by a given Search to be viewable by Anyone Signed in.) - See http://wagn.org/wagn/operations_on_groups_of_cards - not searches, but any set when we setting-ize permissions, although +*self will override.




http://wagn.org/wagn/interwiki - http://www.wagn.org/wagn/implement_SisterSites and more






http://wagn.org/wagn/add_inclusion_syntax_for_main_card_of_page — allows display/editing of plus cards based on main card in the sidebar (or elsewhere)







http://www.wagn.org/wagn/expose_card_metadata_in_cards — specifically, date created and date updated would be a major plus for blogging.

http://wagn.org/wagn/implement_notification_system — w00t!!

??done with Wagn 0.10? http://wagn.org/wagn/always_apply_soft_template

√I want to be able to create cards for people, then invite them. If (and i'm not sure) i want those cards to then become their User cards, that requires a change (right now you can't invite someone under the name of an existing card).

Workaround was to make InvitationRequest+*tform, log out and make InvitationRequests for each such person, then only invite them when i want to.




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