Action on climate change

There are so many things that people are doing, and so many things that people could do. What criteria are there for sorting among all possible actions?

  • How large a scale does it cover - one person and where they live, or five, twenty, hundreds, a village/neighborhood/town/city/region/network/nation/planet?
  • How powerful a leverage point is it?
  • Does it articulate something that someone can just do, right now?
    (Even a gigantic action such as "blockade a local fossil fuel delivery" begins with doable first steps, typically including learning more, and networking.)


Some of these are about advocating for action - socially, politically, culturally, aimed at people, governments, business, religious institutions, etc. Others are about what individuals and groups can do (or that we might advocate they do). Some actions are about mitigating climate change - we can't prevent climate change, it's already started and we've already guaranteed ourselves a fair bit more, so all we can do on that front is minimize the amount of additional climate change we are going to experience. Some actions are about preparing for whatever amount of climate change is coming, and the post-peak reality regarding oil and many other resources. Fortunately, some of the same actions will help with both.

These are awesome ideas. Now how do we transfer them en masse on the Great March for Climate Action?

--Anonymous. (Not signed in).....2014-01-31 00:42:00 +0000

I will start feeding these into marcher conversations over the next week or so, and onto the new Climate March wiki.

--John Abbe.....2014-01-31 05:16:31 +0000

Great List!!! From my experience working more on the microcosm of personal existence, I firmly believe that internalizing and embodying holistic exercises and introspective & mindfulness-developing pursuits contributes greatly to how we learn to better manage ourselves and our actions. I could write volumes, but I'll leave it as a teaser. Just a thought I wanted to mention. :)

--Jimmy Betts (Not signed in).....2014-02-03 21:07:45 +0000

Where's the "like" button on that comment? :-D

--John Abbe.....2014-02-14 13:29:07 +0000

note to self - research and promote creative uses of games and game design, e.g. inter-city competition re miles biked instead of driven

--John Abbe.....2014-02-17 05:02:05 +0000

Will see you soon! I'll be adding my two-cents in person, on the march!

--John Jorgensen, Tucson marcher (Not signed in).....2014-02-26 00:46:23 +0000

Ecosystem restoration for carbon sequestration, which I'm learning a lot about at

--John Abbe.....2014-11-23 17:21:37 +0000

Relocalizing food: Homesteading


Prep for sea level rise - sea walls? Land management eg mangroves. Migrate people out of at-risk areas?


Move out of regions that require massive importation of resources.


Support climate refugees (above, some island nations, Alaska town, etc.)


Relationship w rest of natural world - add wilderness survival training, e.g. Directories: and

--John Abbe.....2014-12-07 21:37:12 +0000

Get fossil fuel companies kicked out of climate change negotiations (analogous to when tobacco companies were kicked out of international conversations to reduce smoking)

--John Abbe.....2014-12-09 16:21:56 +0000