Great March for Climate Action

One of the best ways to help right now is to check out our Shave the Planet campaign.


This year I am walking from the California coast to Washington, DC, along with hundreds of other people in the Great March for Climate Action, a traveling alarm clock of love inspiring action on climate change. Wake Up! Wake Up!


Act now, before it's even more too late than it is already!


--John Abbe

You can support me by donating tax-deductibly (click to the right there) toward my share of march expenses, or Contact me to arrange a donation toward my personal march expenses. There are also some other ways you can help me out.


To join the march or learn more about it see the main website for the Great March for Climate Action. There's also this list of other ways to support the march (outreach, equipment, etc.).


So far I have:

  • done lots of outreach, including having:
    • recruited at least two other people to join the march,
    • talked with hundreds of people about it in some detail,
    • distributed hundreds of brochures and flyers in Eugene, Seattle, and in the Bay Area.
  • networked the march staff to quite a few experts (one on Maestro, one on facilitation, consensus, and group process, and several on Nonviolent Communication) to offer training to marchers.
  • instigated self-organizing calls among marchers to start handling preparations beyond what staff are already doing.
  • started (and done a lot of writing and organizing in) a Wagn - a kind of wiki - for marchers and staff to collaborate in. For example, there's now a page there on How you can support the march.
  • written about Why I Will March Across the Continent Next Year on my blog and in the local Occupy newsletter.
  • organized Climate Warm-up Walks here in Eugene, Oregon to spread the word and start getting in shape.
  • been educating myself more about the issue - the science, the politics, the protests, what the most helpful responses are, etc. - and have started a page about Action on climate change. (One interesting, systemic analysis I've found so far is at )
  • contributed to conversation with other marchers off- and online (online mostly on this Facebook page for marchers and supporters) about both march logistics, and how we are going to effectively inspire action.
  • offered many suggestions to the march organizers which have taken up, e.g. making that Facebook group open to supporters, putting a blog on the front page of
  • reached out to local groups engaged in or at least supportive of the issue - Occupy Eugene, Citizens Climate Lobby,, local labor groups, Cascadia Forest Defenders, Occupy Interfaith, etc.
  • started National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation resources on good conversation on climate change -
  • added a lot of details and some sources to the Wikipedia page on the march


Great March for Climate Action website | Facebook | Twitter & #CimateMarch

March route and timeline (see second map) — From Los Angeles (March 1) to Washington, DC (November, 2014):


On Wikipedia


The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament was a similar march in 1986, but the official organizers gave up soon after it started. The marchers self-organized their way the remaining 2,000+ miles across the continent, becoming a living laboratory in democracy — "Until the GPM, however, I had never thought of democracy as a daily practice." —Steve Brigham, "A Laboratory in Democracy: Revisiting the Great Peace March"


Friends Michael and Connie's ininerary and article in the Huffington Post



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