Engaging with the climate action movement

Recently I've started plugging back into the climate action scene, including:

  • Attended a rally encouraging the University of Oregon to divest from fossil fuels. The effort is making progress, for example divestment advocates will now be meeting periodically with the University foundation.
  • Participated in the Economics of Happiness conference in Portland last weekend, tabling some for Community Rights Lane County (in particular gathering signatures for a ballot initiative to amend the state constitution and give local communities the ability to assert rights beyond our federal and state articulated rights). Also tried out the New Economy deck with Tom Atlee.
  • Met and strategized with a couple of Eugene organizers who like me are interested and active in stitching together the many, often disconnected, people and groups working on climate action and more generally on creating a world that works for all.
  • Met with a 350 Eugene sub-group deciding which bill to support of the several that have been introduced in the Oregon legislature to put a price on carbon. (We went with HB 3470, I may write something later about why this one.)
  • Participated today in an action at the Eugene Chamber of Commerce, asking them to advocate for climate action, and disavow the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which actually opposes action on the climate crisis. (Many local chambers have disavowed the national chamber, it's a thing.) One organizer with the chamber invited us to write up a 15 minute presentation and will see if she can get us some time with their local government affairs council. Will post pictures/video when available.
  • This weekend (actually started today, Thursday), I'm participating in the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference here in Eugene, and will probably again table for Community Rights Lane County and spread the word about the New Economy deck.

Stay tuned for more on all of this, implementation progress of Eugene's unusually strong climate ordinance, permaculture, nonviolent direct action, strengthening my personal relationship with the natural world, and more...

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