Pre-march Update and Podcast Number Zero

My travels down the west coast have been very successful - personally, I got to see a lot of friends and family, some of whom I had not seen in many years. And "professionally" (I'm doing all of this on a volunteer basis) I enrolled many people as virtual marchers, mustering support on strategy, communications, surviving and thriving while walking and camping every day, and of course financially. Thanks to all of you - without your support, I would not be here.

Yesterday I recorded the first in what will become a series of calls with people interviewing me about what's happening on the march and how we are doing with our goal of inspiring action on the climate crisis. This week's call was with my good friend in Lorene Allen, who will be a regular interviewer. There will be a rotating cast of guests each week, bringing different perspectives out as they inquire into the march and its unrolling process. You can download the 45 minute conversation here, and it should show up as a podcast as well (more details on that as I play with the tech and make sure it works as a proper podcast).

I can't quite believe that the march begins little more than 48 hours from now! Today and tomorrow are full of trainings, and (at last) in-person conversations among us walking marchers as we prepare to actually take this thing on the road. See more about our two-day program here.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, come join us for the big rally and kickoff! And whether your are or not, time is running out to invite all of your LA friends and networks. Act now, before it's more too late than it is already: website / Facebook page.

A big thanks goes out to So Cal Climate Action 350 for organizing our first day as a huge rally and march through the streets of Wilmington and Los Angeles.

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