March Accomplished

We finished the Great March for Climate Action on schedule at the end of October and capped it off by joining Beyond Extreme Energy in a week of protests blockading the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (an agency which permits much of the USA's fossil fuel infrastructure). Marchers' activities afterward include continued involvement in direct action, education, writing, organizing, and more. I'm back in Eugene but haven't really figured out what I'm doing next.

Although the march fell short of many of my (and others') more ambitious imaginings, it was very powerful for the people on it, and many of the people we met in person or who followed us online. In the early part of the march especially it was easily the best-used I've ever felt, tapping all of the skills and capacities I bring to this world, from one-on-one listening to group facilitation, organizing, strategizing, online skills, and my general inclusiveness and can-do attitudes. The most common response people have to hearing about what we did is to express their gratitude, which always leaves me feeling somewhat uncomfortable, knowing how far short we are of the level of action needed to rise to the challenge. Like Sandra Steingraber, I want to say, "Don't thank me, join me."

More on the march later perhaps (you can also scan backwards at the march website, and Facebook page and group), but for now I wanted to at least mark the march's ending before blogging about other things.

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